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NEWS: Sussex Seniors remember Richard Merricks


Sussex Cricket was sorry to hear of the recent passing of Richard Merricks, a stalwart member of the Sussex Seniors.

Hugh Milner, Director of Sussex Seniors Cricket, said: “My wife Sue and I had known Richard for very many years and apart from his intimate relationship with the Sussex Seniors and his support of us he was known throughout the world as a lover of cricket. 

“He toured with the Sussex Seniors in various place around the Mediterranean and beyond. It appeared that wherever you went in the world you came across people who knew Richard Merricks. 

“The Merricks family has been associated with Rye Cricket Club for nearly 100 years and Richard was club President. I believe that there was also a competition named after him.

“Apart from organising cricket tours in the UK, his Western Court Wanderers side toured the world and there are a number of Sussex Seniors who have experienced great tours to South Africa and centered in Cape Town. I remember that on one occasion we had to play a game across the other side of Cape Town – probably a 15-mile journey. Richard knew the way and said ‘follow me.’ I was the tail-end Charlie with absolutely no idea where we were going. Richard hit the accelerator and seemed to forget the four vehicles that were attempting to keep contact with him!

“The convoy became more and more separated. There must have been half a dozen traffic lights that I jumped when the lights were red! But we all arrived, more or less together.”

“Other memories of Richard have been received from Andy and Jan Barnes: “Such a lovely enthusiast for life;” Bob Daisley: He was a great ambassador for Sussex cricket and will be sorely missed by all those who had the privilege of knowing him and enjoyed the tales and banter he so willingly shared with you;” Ted Elsey: “He was such an amazing person and it is difficult to believe that we will not see him at future cricket gatherings;” and former Sussex player Derek Semmence: “Richard was a great man of cricket both at home and abroad and will be greatly missed by a huge number of people. He was one of life's great characters.”

Hugh Milner added: “Richard always paid his registration fee and it was only last Thursday that he came and watched the 60-plus 4th XI play at Hastings against Kent.

“He had a great sense of fun and always seemed to appreciate when he was the subject of a humorous tale. He knew so much about cricket throughout the world and he knew and was respected by many international and county players. He was a great friend of Sussex and Kent cricket at all levels.

“Cricket will be much the worse for the loss of Richard. He was (nearly!) always cheerful, recounted great tales of cricket and cricketers and was a great friend and ardent supporter of the Sussex Seniors."

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